Membrane Electrode Assemblies

Producing a lower cost, smaller, lighter fuel cell using Bing Energy MEAs will make fuel cells affordable for mass commercialization. This is the revolutionary technology needed for the hydrogen economy.

PEM Membrane Electrode Assemblies
Bing Energy specializes in membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) for proton exchange membrane fuel cells. BEI standard MEAs are made with our patent-applied-for carbon nanotube “buckypaper” cathode/anode technology in 5 or 7-layer configurations.

Fabrication of carbon nanotube buckypaper in a gradient structure improves gas flows and effectiveness of catalyst utilization and provides a more durable structure.
Building the next generation of MEAs Today
A variety of membranes and materials are available and MEAs are custom fabricated to suit customer size, specifications, and operating conditions.

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Standard Samples

Active Area 16 cm2 50 cm2

Dimensions 4 cm x 4 cm 7.1 cm x 7.1 cm